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Wow Wow Wow…Look at Us Now Available

East End Gallery Artists

As we’ve moved at full throttle into our tourism season, I felt it was high time we had a thorough update of the East End Gallery. We continue to be ecstatic at the Gallery’s progress and the generous comments by our supporters and guests. Most of all, we would like to thank our amazingly talented […]

“Elephant Rocks, Denmark” Available

Shane Moad

This oil painting by Shane Moad will take your breath away. Big, bright and bold in his style that is unmistakable.

Beverley V Silk and Felt Available

Beverley Vivian

Absolutely stunning wraps, scarves, hats and brooches.

“Another Punter” with “Sketch in Steel” Available

Michael Sofoulis

Two unique metal art pieces by Michael Sofoulis.

A Wall of Colour Available

Gracie Courtney, Brian Aylward, Christine Davis.

  “Hibiscus” “Loving Cups” “Kirstie’s Flowers” “Magnolia”

“Ned Kelly” and “Dirty Denim”. Available

Tina Hinchcliffe

Extraordinary mixed media art by Tina Hinchcliffe. Would suit above a bed or as dramatic stand-alone paintings anywhere in your home. “Ned Kelly” – AVAILABLE “Dirty Denim” – SOLD

Cherry Blossom Parasol Available

Christine Davis

Yet another extraordinary mixed media piece by the prolific Christine Davis

Behind Goblin Swamp Available

Brian Aylward

Astonishingly beautiful pastel by Brian Aylward.

Dandaloo Dilly and Asta Lander Available

Dandaloo Dilly and Asta Lander

Quilt by Dandaloo Dilly. “Gypsy Rose” by Asta Lander. “Baby Bundle” by Dandaloo Dilly SOLD.

Discarded Dreams Available

Michael Sofoulis

In the style of a three-dimensional picture, Michael has created a story of the early pioneers, using their bed frames as the instrument.

Behind Billygoat Hill Available

Len Zuks

Unbelievable painting by Len Zuks

Gentlemen’s Club Available

Pat Lane

Picture if you will – three old fogies gossiping and enjoying a tipple of sherry at their Club. Here is a feathered interpretation by Beverley artist, Pat Lane.

Tree of Life Available

Margaret Gabrielle-Harding

Some people work to live. Margaret Gabrielle-Harding lives to quilt!

St Paul’s Halls, Fremantle. Available

Murray Turle

Superb and colourful vista of a Fremantle landmark.

Kookaburra Available

David Lillico

David Lillico’s gorgeous petite stained-glass hanger.

Rose Available

David Lillico

Lovely stained glass hanging for your home or garden. Beautifully crafted by Beverley artist David Lillico.

Hibiscus Available

Brian Aylward

What an enchanting painting in oils by this talented Wooroloo artist.

Enigma Available

Manon Chatnoir

Is this a self portrait? Decide for yourselves…

Oxlake Available

Murray Cook

Rich colour and texture in this stunning piece of ceramic sculpture.

Gears Available

Michael Sofoulis

This piece is the story of early machinery, of cogs and wheels, of ingenuity and problem-solving. This is a piece of my life, of my passions, of telling a story and how to honour found objects as items of beauty and value.  I find the vastness and variation of the Goldfields scenery mesmerising and intoxicating. […]

Fire Screen Available

Michael Sofoulis

The design and construction of this firescreen have been testing for Michael. He has made square and rectangular firescreens previously, but departed out of his comfort zone to produce one with a domed top. And as we are now perpetually broke, he had to recycle and fabricate every part himself. The curved top was the […]

Sideboard Available

Steve Adams

2420 cm (length) 690 cm (depth) 915 cm (height) Distressed finish with solid jarrah top

Flowers In My Garden Available

Michael Sofoulis

Waiting in the East End Gallery to be adopted for a garden, a verandah or an alcove.

Fire Grate Available

Michael Sofoulis

This is an 850 millimetre, beautifully simple fire grate installed into the fireplace at the Gallery. This is not a fire grate that will fall apart or melt after a few outings. Made from steel rods, this lovely firegrate will hold its own and provide a solid base for logs. Orders taken for this or other […]

Starbirth Available

Michael Sofoulis

A new sculpture by Michael Sofoulis. This three dimensional “painting” leaps out for the wall whilst also casting shadows of itself onto the wall behind itself. Inspired by black holes, gravitational waves, event horizons and the vast infinity of space and time, “Starbirth” would be an amazing addition to any home.

Dandaloo Dilly Available

Meredith Lee-Curtis

‘Dandaloo Dilly’ means ‘pretty bag’ in Aboriginal language. I create unique bags and totes featuring artwork by Indigenous artists and designers.

Bespoke Ceramics Available

Bespoke Ceramics

Fine ceramics for all tastes.

Bespoke Ceramics and Passion4Wood Available

Bespoke Ceramics and Passion4Wood

Vases by Bespoke Ceramics and jarrah bowl by Passion4Wood.

Bespoke Ceramics Available

Bespoke Ceramics

Unicorn, fairy and castle. Available separately or as a set

Cards by Kim Available

Kim Allison

Some examples –

The East End Gallery is Re-Born. Available

Wheatbelt Artists

Michael had a dream. To restore our 100-year-old building, have his own workshop, create a gallery in Heavenly Beverley supporting Wheatbelt artists and produce more metal sculpture. And he’s achieved this dream. After three and a half years of recurrent chest infections, injuries and having to take breaks from time to time, Michael and second-in-command Gary, […]

Introducing the Gallery Giftshop Available

Wheatbelt Artists

After three years, six months and twenty-eight days, the East End Gallery has its full one hundred and fifty square metres open to all our guests. We have created two separate spaces, The Gallery Giftshop and the East End Gallery. The Giftshop has items for sale from $10 – $500 and offers a wide selection […]

The art of Mick and Jenny Cotter Available

Mick and Jenny Cotter

Here are some examples of Mick’s timber craftsmanship and Jenny’s jewellery.

Magda is Back! Available

Michael Sofoulis

In a petite version, Magda the Redback, and her sisters have made a triumphant return. Seventeen years after Michael produced his last spider, he has resumed making them with new affection. Each is individually handcrafted, so there are subtle variations in each spider. She weighs only 180 grams, but as she conceals a rare earth […]

Inlet Available

Samantha Connor

A mixed media piece by the exceptional Samantha Connor. Sam is so busy being a disability advocate and saving the world that she forgets her artistic talent.

The Mask Available

Michael Sofoulis

Constructed from mild steel balustrade offcuts left over from a walking bridge project in Dianella Heights, Perth. Michael’s first sculpture in the 1980s.

Mindscape Available

Michael Sofoulis

This piece is an abstract landscape form of a salt lake system when viewed from above in a cruising plane. I find the vastness of the Australian landscape mesmerising and intoxicating. I am fascinated with the endless shapes and size of salt lakes found in the Goldfields region. This was the inspiration behind “Mindscape”. Most […]