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Beverley, WA


Michael Sofoulis

Michael Sofoulis has been a metal sculptor for over thirty years. A self taught artist, he lives in Beverley in the Western Australian Wheatbelt. A true believer of “less is more”, his sculptures are uncomplicated, allowing for individual enjoyment and interpretation. Using found metal objects from the early mining and agricultural industries from the Goldfields […]

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Kate Sofoulis

Kate Sofoulis has been writing for most of her life and hopes to publish her first manuscript in the near future. After careers as a door to door salesperson, cleaner, data entry operator, student, receptionist, aged care worker and special needs education assistant, Kate’s life took an unexpected turn in May 2006. After an unsatisfactory […]

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The Building

In November 2010, Kate and Michael drove up to Beverley to buy the House that Rocks. We signed all the required paperwork, which then had to be photocopied. Our real estate agent’s “office”, which contained her photocopier, was in a group of four decrepit shops on Vincent Street (the main drag of Beverley) with an […]

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Heavenly Beverley – Kate’s Blog

“Heavenly Beverley” was born in July 2014. The title for my blog was taken from a close friend, Meredith, an expression which she used to describe this quaint little Wheatbelt town. After settling into the House that Rocks in January 2011, we were inundated by carloads of escapees from the Big Smoke. Although the stream […]

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Then and Now 6

Gary and Simon complete the floor in shop 4. August 2015.

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Then and Now 5

And the floor moves onwards…Shop 4 August 2015.

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Then and Now 4

Michael 1s in hospital again. Gary, second in charge and new recruit, backpacker Simon carry on with the floor. August 2015.

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Then and Now 3

Onto the back of Shop 4…oh dear…

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Then and Now 2

The Dynamic Duo, working on the tin dividing wall in Shop 4, April 2015.

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Then and Now 1

The floor going down, prior to the Autumn Exhibition  – Shop 4 front; April 2015.

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The East End Gallery – in all her glory

Photograph taken 14 February 2016.

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At Work

After almost four years renovating the Forbes Building, Michael is now free to give free reign to his creative spirit. A view of his Workshop is a “Must See” component of a visit to the East End Gallery

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